Event promotion | European Education Fair

Event promotion

The pre-event promotional campaign aims to inform the public about the opportunity to meet representatives of the educational institutions attending the EEF and to provide general advice to potential visitors how to make the most of such meetings.

The promotional campaign for the European Education Fair Bulgaria includes:
  • Outdoor advertising via posters and panels at key locations in Sofia, Burgas and 10 other major cities in Bulgaria.
  • Advertisements in indoor advertising networks
  • Direct advertising via flyer distribution in the major high-schools and universities in Sofia, Burgas and the region reaching out to more than 10,000 students
  • Radio and TV spots on the main Bulgarian media stations
  • Ads and PR materials in the main national and regional press; education-related magazines;
  • Online banners and PR write-ups on a vast selection of Bulgarian websites with targeted audiences
  • Advertisement in social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, local online communities
  • Facebook campaign
  • Newsletters sent to a large database of potential visitors from high schools, colleges, universities, etc.
  • Pre-event on-line registration for visitors with a special draw and opportunity to win a prize (e.g. laptops, iPods, plane tickets, cameras, etc.)
  • Press conference attended by reporters from all the main national and regional newspapers, magazines and media stations
  • Media partnerships
  • as well as, promotion via our dedicated websites